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Snowplow Sam - Tot's Skating Classes

Snowplow Sam

Snowplow Sam is our skating instruction program for children ages 3-6 (Formerly known as Mice on Ice), combining pre-school environment with the US Figure Skating Snowplow Sam curriculum. Using games, songs, toys and our imaginations, we will encourage students to gain confidence and independence as they learn basic skating skills. During our 30-minute class, we discuss safe ways to sit, stand, and move on the ice. At the completion of the SPS levels, student will be well-prepared to join either the Polar Ice House Learn to Skate or Learn to Play programs.

Skill Breakdown:

Snowplow Sam Skills: falling down, standing on ice, marching on ice, two foot glides, stand still dips, forward swizzles, rocking horse, moving dips, backward wiggles, two foot hop, one foot glides


Single blade ice skates are provided.
Remember to bring mittens or gloves.
Helmets are required (bicycle helmets can be used).
Children will stand on the ice on their own and will not be held.
Please be patient, we have had great success through example and peer-grouping.


Snowplow Sam - May-June

Day Time # of Weeks Dates Cost
Saturday 10:45 am11:15am, 11:45am 8 May 12- June 30 $140
Sunday 2:45pm, 3:15pm, 3:45pm 8 May 13- July 1 $140
Tuesday 1:30pm, 5:45pm, 6:15pm 8 May 8- June 26 $140
Friday 1:45pm 8 May 11- June 29 $140

Jackie Hobgood

Skating Director

Phone: 919-460-2756 ext 203

All online enrollments will be reviewed by one of our directors. At that time, all applicable discounts will be applied and your card will be charged the correct amount.