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Figure Skating Classes

Figure Skating Elements Class

The figure skating elements class focuses more on skill application than skill acquisition.  Skaters will learn how they skills they know can be applied to figure skating through choreography, moves in the fiedld, ice dance, music interpretation and much more!

This class is an excellent addition to skate school and allows skaters to explore and improve their skills in a fun new way. 

Elements Class

Day Time # of Weeks Dates Cost
Sunday 4:15-4:45p 9 Oct 27 - Dec 22 $160

Off Ice Training Class

Day Time # of Weeks Dates Cost
Tuesday 5:45- 6:10 9 Oct 22 - Dec 17 $90

Off Ice Flexibilty/Jumps/Conditioning Classes

Come and learn about our Off Ice Strength/Conditioning class, a course offering skaters the opportunity to improve their strength and core training!

We will be offering a beginner level off ice which will cover many off ice topics starting January 6th at 5:20. 

Class will be held Tuesday at 5:45 and will be taught by our esteemed coaching staff.  Topics will include off ice jump, stretch, body awareness and many others!

Skating Components

We are offering a new class for skaters that focuses on the ever important skating components!  With the Olympics just wrapping up, there has been a buzz about this aspect of the scoring system and this class will highlight those elements!   Themes will include basic power skating, edge work, turns, footwork and musicality.  


Tuesday 5:15 Starting January 8, 2019

Jackie Pusztay

Skating Director

Phone: 919-460-2756 ext 203

All online enrollments will be reviewed by one of our directors. At that time, all applicable discounts will be applied and your card will be charged the correct amount.